We are also moving to NHL Jerseys this season to emulate the NHL overtime and All-Star games. All teams will wear an Original Six jersey this season which will be cool and follow in the footsteps of our NHL teams. Our jerseys will have variations of the jersey colour (using the white jersey and other colours) in the jersey as we only give 1 jersey to each player to keep costs lower.

When reference is made to CC89 3on3 Hockey, that will actually be 4on4 for the younger divisions of Tyke and Novice.

What is the structure for games?

CC89 3on3 Hockey provides a short regular season, of 3 games then we will head into our tournament during the middle of the season Jun 17-19th that is included in your registration and adds to the excitement of the league. The teams then 3 more regular season games.  On the final day the teams will then play a final against the team closest to you in the standings.

We are doing this to keep players interested in playing every week as we have seen interest drop around mid-season as the regular season drags on.

Everyone plays a 11 game season

3 - Regular Season Games (Reg. season standings do not impact round robin standings possible rebalancing will take place during the regular season)
4 - Game (Guaranteed Tournament) against each other but also against Cory Conacher 3 on 3 teams from other cities. (held in Burlington June 17th to 19th)

3 - Regular Season Games
1 - Game Final (Example - 1 vs 2 & 3 vs 4 - 4 team division & 5 vs 6 - six team division)

Each team receives an award indicating their finish in the finals.

When does the season start and end?

CC89 3on3 Hockey is a spring and summer league. We have leagues in Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Guelph, and Stoney Creek. Most leagues begin May 29th and run to end of July depending on the city you join.  Schedule is expected to be posted approx. May 24th, 2016.

What day will my son/daughter play or can I choose which day?
All of our leagues play Sunday except for Stoney Creek which play during the week. 

How much does it cost?
League fees vary from city to city because we pay varying fees for ice in each arena - please consult our registration tab on our website. All payments must be received prior to the start of the season. We offer half-price entry for Goalies as every team needs a Goalie to make the hockey fun and it has been difficult to recruit Goalies in the past.

How many player does each team carry?
Our goal is for each team to carry at least 10 skaters plus a Goalie. We do allow teams to carry more if their team agrees because they know they will miss players at points during the season.

How can I register?
Our registration is online. Go to the registration tab on our website, complete the online form, and submit. You will receive a submission confirmation within 48 hours. If for some reason, you cannot complete the online form contact us at

Do you offer girls only divisions?
This is not part of our offering however, we will gladly open a girl's only division as soon as registrations warrant. Girls can play in the boys division of their own age or one (1) age group lower depending on the skill level.

Can I register a team and, if so, how?
Yes,... However each individual on your team must register for a pay individually for insurance purposes. As your players register, they will put your name in the "request to play" section of the registration form. All players on your team must be registered and paid before the first game.

Which division do I sign my child?
You will be asked to indicate your child's birth year on the registration form. Divisions will be assigned as follows:

2016 Divisions - Birth Year
Tyke Novice Atom Peewee Bantam


Div 1 - Div 2

2010/11 2008/09 2006/07 2004/05 2003/02 2000/01 - 1997/98/99

Can my son/daughter play with their friend(s)?

Yes. Please fill in the "Request to Play" field on the registration form. We will make every effort to accommodate your request but we cannot guarantee that their request is fulfilled because balancing lineups is vital to enjoyment of the games.

My child has never played 3 on 3, what are the rules?
Please visit the rules and regulations tab on our website.

Can I volunteer to coach or assist on the bench?
Absolutely. Please add your comments to the registration form with your interest to help your son/daughter's team. You will be contacted with details.

What level is the hockey?
We accept all levels of players and offer divisions to suit. However is important to note that our ability to separate certain levels of players is completely dependent on the registration in that area.

Rebalancing of Divisions?
Yes. Please visit our Team Balancing tab on the website

I can't commit every week, do you need reserve players? If so, what is the cost?
Due to insurance issues, only goalies may be used as reserves for emergencies. Goalies please submit the online form to add your name to our 'spare goalie list' at no cost. We plan to stock our teams with up to 12 players to help with the weekly team roster. Unregistered players may not be used for any reason. Players interested in being on our AP list must register as an AP and are restricted to play three (3) games during the season. An AP will pay $30.00 per game they pay either by returning to their account to pay online or by giving a cheque to the convenor. (no cash will be accepted)

I submitted the online form and received a confirmation, but I have not heard from a coach?
Not to worry; your confirmation assures your spot. The league will contact all players within one week of the league beginning and will inform you of your team name, coach, arena and time of your first game. Your coach will also be provided your contact info and may speak with you before the first game, but if not they will meet you at the first game.

What is your refund policy and/or can I change my registration?
Cancelations received at least 2 weeks in advance of season start will receive full refund less a $50 administration fee. Cancelations less than 2 weeks prior to season start date will receive 50% refund. No refunds are given after the season has started. Changes to your registration including moving leagues or changing from Individual Registrant to Individual for Registered Team may be subject to a $25 administration fee.

When does 3 on 3 registration close?
3 on 3 Registration does not close as we accept players for part of a season if we have any spots are available. However if a division is full you will miss out so please register as soon as possible.

Can my child play in a higher league?
Yes your child can play up/or down a division depending on skill level. Please make sure you indicate on the registration form that you would like to play in the higher or lower division. You can also contact us at with your request if your registration is already completed.

Does my child play half-ice or full ice?
All divisions will play full ice hockey as CC89 - 3 on 3 hockey believes in skating skills, long range passing and open ice stick handling developed by using the full ice surface.